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Be Environmentally Friendly and Soften Your Water with NuvoH20

We have unlimited access to one of earth’s greatest resources in our homes each day—water. We use it to cook, bathe, drink, and maintain our plants and lawns. As blessed as humans are to have instant access to water, we’re often met with water that stays too hard to be enjoyed. NuvoH20 is the answer to these problems.


NuvoH20 is a healthy and salt-free solution for what that prevents hard-water buildup that clogs and corrodes water heaters and other home plumbing fixtures and appliances. The compact system of NuvoH20 is eco-friendly and conditions all the water in your home.


So does NuvoH20 work as the effective and healthy solution for your home and the environment that you’ve been looking for?

How Does NuvoH20 Work?

The Nuvo H20 system is FDA approved and uses the same chelation technology that luxury hotels and restaurants use across the globe. This salt-free water softener can be used for every task in your home. It requires no salt and your drinking water will not be affected (it’s actually said to taste better with Nuvo.)


Nuvo H20 and similar products eliminate hard water in the home, making your water both more pleasurable and eliminating any issue that arises from water that is hard and daming, like clogging and corroding home plumbing fixtures and appliances. Customers also save money on their utilities bills. With NuvoH20, you’ll use four times less water, and the product doesn’t require electricity.


Nanotechnology is used to change the structure of water, and a bypass valve and pressure release valve are built in. The device uses up to 60,000 gallons of water before needing to change its filter. NuvoH20 isn’t big either. Its compact size is 8’ wide by 29’ long. You can use it in a condo, small apartment, and other small areas. It also works in homes that are 2,100 square feet and bigger.

Water is treated two ways with Nuvo. The device removes calcium like any ordinary water softener, enacting their process to keep calcium from forming scales. The device also lowers measured pH in water ro reduce and eliminate scale formation.


If you aren’t pleased with how the product performs, NuvoH20 provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, along with a lifetime warranty if the device were to break or malfunction.


What Are the Pricing Options?

The NuvoH20 system comes in three pricing options: Studio, Home, and Manor (Studio currently isn’t listed on their site). Each plan can either be paid with monthly installments or a single payment fee.


Nuvo Studio System


Nuvo Home System


Nuvo Manor System


Replacement filter cartridges for the devices cost between $49.95 and $89.95, depending on the system that you have. They can be purchased from Nuvo or at Amazon.com and other online retailers.

Are there Any Problems with Nuvo?

It’s worth calling out that Nuvo is an “As Seen on TV” product. If you aren’t familiar with these products, they often don’t perform well and aren’t popular.


The goal of Nuvo is to keep away hard water, hopefully for years, but some customers claim that the product only reduces pH and prevents buildup without actually softening water. The product can’t be used with well water or water that’s hardness is over 10 GPG. And the replacement filter cartridge needs to replaced one to two times per year. The cost for the filter will add up. If you use too much water, you’ll have to replace more than a few times a year.


The reason customers need to stay away from Nuvo if there water is too hard is because hard water and well water have high levels of sulfonamide and iron. Due to these high levels, the product will use more water, forcing you to change the filter every two to three months. Only buy NuvoH20 if your water isn’t hard.

So, Should I Get NuvoH20?

If you want environmentally friendly and soft water, and you’re water isn’t too hard to begin with, NuvoH20 is a useful tool.


The device is small and slim, no salt or additives are needed, and it’s easy to install and use. It has the added comfort of knowing that any product flaws have a warranty, and you can return it within 90 days if you aren’t satisfied.


Water softeners help change the atom make-up of water. This means that future water won’t wreak havoc on pipes and appliances. It’s a smart solution for a long-term need. All scale that is currently in water is removed, and it won’t build up in the future.


With NuvoH20, you won’t waste electricity, and turning the device on and off is simple with the shut-off valve. Plus, your water tastes better. As long as you aren’t starting too far behind with harder than usual water, NuvoH20 is the way to go.