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MobileHelp Brings Together Smartphones and Medical Alert Technology

MobileHelp gets their name for an obvious reason, their integration of mobile phones with medical alert pendant technology. This combination is appealing for anyone looking for an alert pendant, because these devices depend on their flexibility for users. Alert pendants are built for adults who may encounter accidents in the home and need a connection to emergency personnel that allows them to keep their independence.


MobileHelp is based out of the Innovation Hub at Research Park at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. Customers know them as MobileHelp or MobileHelpNow. Their appeal is that they have many options, including in-home and out of-home systems. This is convenient and reliable for customers.


The company is newer in the medical alert space, launching in 2009, but they have proven themselves in this relatively short amount of time. Their product features go as far as GPS for location tracking, activity monitoring, and medication reminders. But the questions looms, are their product features good enough to propel them above the competition?

What Does the Product Offer?

MobileHelp provides users a tool called MobileVitals. This is a research and development tool that’s aimed at health activity and data monitoring. With MobileVitals, users can check on blood pressure, weight, and heart rate measurements. In 2017 the company announced their MobileVitals tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2017.


Many of the perks available from other companies are present with MobileHelp. Users can cancel the service any time without a fee. They prorate devices if customers cancel and had already paid for used time, users just send in the equipment. The system is easy to set up, there are no fees for installation or activation, but added features like fire and carbon monoxide aren't available.


Users who choose the in-home console plan get two-way communication with the monitoring center. Two buttons are on each side of their device for easy access for help, and devices have 30 hours of backup battery. Necklace and wrist pendant options are each available with a range of 600 feet.


Representatives are spoken to by email or phone, available 24/7, and more support is available with MobileHelp’s FAQ section on their website.

What’s the Breakdown on Pricing?

Here’s how pricing looks:


Any Problems with the System?

GPS monitoring and mobile access helps MobileHelp stand out among the crowd, but they aren’t without their flaws. MobileHelp doesn’t have many add-ons and they don’t have a voice extender. One of the options on the premium package does detect when users fall, which sends an alert to MobileHelp if people are too injured to report the accident themselves.


The necklace and wristband pendants have a range of 600 feet, which is rather short compared to the competition. Other added features that are missing are fire and carbon monoxide detectors, which isn’t a reason to totally dismiss MobileHelp, but many other companies do offer these tools. A bigger problem is that they only support the English language. With MobileHelp you’re out of luck if you speak anything other than English.


MobileHelp has 24/7 support, but they lack ways to contact these customer service representatives. Not having live chat makes us feel like MobileHelp is stuck in the stone age. The mobile device is also rather large. It might not be enjoyable for users to carry around. Since the system is two pieces, the device that you wear at home won’t work outside with your mobile device. If you want protection when you leave your home, you’ve got to take the mobile device out.


The mobile device only works on the AT&T network, so good reception is always needed. MobileHelp provides protection plans, but if you don’t buy one, it’s expensive to replace the system. Even with the protection plan they require a deductible.


MobileHelp’s monitoring center is not owned by the company and it’s not CSAA Five Diamond certified. They received a central station of the year award in 2016, but it’s not encouraging that they aren’t professionally monitored.

What’s the Takeaway?

MobileHelp has decent features going for them. That they include protection while users are outside of their home through mobile device is a useful feature, but it’s worth asking, wouldn’t users find help in most public places without a connected phone?


MobileHelp is easy to set up, there are no fees for installation or activation, and they offer various payment options. Their activity and medication reminders are unique to their systems, so this and mobile service are the biggest selling points. Outside of these features MobileHelp is slightly discouraging.


Users who chose MobileHelp are opting for a system that isn’t professionally monitored, doesn’t support many languages, has short range on their devices, and they’re one of the newer companies to the medical pendant space. Things aren’t all bad with MobileHelp, but it’d be best to choose a more proven company with a longer standing history.