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Should You Choose Medical Guardian as Your Emergency Protector?

Well, if you’re looking for a medical alert to protect you, guardian is in this brand’s name. Medical Guardian is vying to be the company you choose for medical alert pendants, for yourself or loved ones. The company has been in the alert business since 2005, and they are CSAA call center certified with a monitoring station that speaks to customers in Spanish.


They’ll give you perks to get started with their company—many that other companies provide—like no setup fee, lifetime warranty, price lock guarantee, and activation and shipping are free. Getting started with Medical Guardian is simple and easy. They have diverse product offerings, and their equipment can be used either with batteries or cellular monitoring. So, let’s weed through all of the details and find out, are they the Guardian for you?

How’s their Product Look?

One of the crucial decisions in choosing a medical pendant is opting for a company that has a certified, professional, and reputable call center. Medical Guardian has all of the above. Along with their CSAA certification and bilingual services, the monitoring center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Staff are also trained to handle crises, and they’ll stay on the phone until help arrives.


Response times are fast with the monitoring station. Once users press their alert button on the pendant, the monitoring center calls. If they don’t hear from you, then they dispatch help. Whoever you designated for dispatch will be sent. This could be EMT’s, police, family members or friends.


The BBB gives them an A+ rating for their three wearable options: necklace pendants, discreet bracelets, belt clips, and mobile offerings. All equipment is waterproof. The goal for Medical Guardian is for their users to retain as much independence as possible. They want users to still be able to travel, go outdoors, and move about their lives as normal. It’s said that their products factor in mobility and liveliness of senior citizens and people with disabilities with how they are designed.

How Does the Pricing Break Down?

Medical Guardian starts as low as $29.95 a month. There are four different pricing options:


So Far So Good, but Any Problems?

Up until this point Medical Guardian is laying down a pretty good resume. They offer various packages that fit the different needs of customers, and they do that by crossing off most of the essentials when it comes to medical alert pendants.


The biggest drawback is likely the price. If you want every feature you can get in a pendant, you’ll have to opt for the Premium package at $49.95 a month. That isn’t the most feasible price. Some users have also expressed problems with assembly, saying that the device is hard to set up, and you can’t move the wearable pendant from necklace to bracelet. If you want both a necklace and a bracelet, you’ll have to get another wearable sent to you for $2 a month. This extra monthly charge can also be shared between two people, though.


Medical Guardian has a product shortcoming that could cause problems if the wearer is in an emergency. The button on the pendant must be held down for a few seconds to send alerts and until users see it light up for a response. If the user doesn’t press hard enough and doesn’t see the device light up, an alert might not have been sent. This is troubling, because in the throes of an emergency, it may be difficult to remember to press hard on a button.


Not all of the options have two-way communication, only two of the four models. With the devices that don’t have two-way talk, you can only talk with the base station. If you aren’t near the base station during an emergency, dispatch will be sent, but you won’t be able to communicate what the issue is. The solution is to buy a package with two-way talk, but it’d be nice if each option had it.

Should You Choose Them?

When it comes down to it, Medical Guardian is one of the best choices around. The flaws in their products are minor, and for the most part they are addressed by choosing one of the higher tier packages. They’re convenient, reliable, and have an option for users of varying needs.


Better yet, the Mobile and Premium packages don’t have to be worn as necklaces like most of the standard pendants on the market. This is a minor but important detail, because it means that users can choose where they wear their pendants. An alert device may be a private tool for users who want to retain their independence, so being able to conceal it keeps their dignity intact.


Medical Guardian uses technological devices that are modern, secure, convenient, and they’re a professional company. Give them strong consideration when choosing a medical alert pendant.