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Why Medical Alert is the Trusted Name in the Industry

No matter what product is being purchased, most customers aim to get the best in that respective industry. Buyers seek out the storied option, the company that is well respected, takes care of their customers, provides options, and gives customers a good experience. Medical Alert Systems is that brand on our list of Medical Alert companies.


The company is owned by Connect America, a national brand of emergency alert products. They were founded in 1974 by Kenneth Gross, and they’re based out of Broomall, Pennsylvania. You might be familiar with Medical Alert Systems, because these devices are found in chain stores like CVS.


To be at the top of any list a company must have pretty solid credentials. Medical Alert Systems does just that. They’re an an impressive brand. While there are many other noteworthy options to choose from in the alert industry, this is why Medical Alert Systems has worked their way to the top of our list.

They’re Flexible, Professional, and Have More Firepower  

With Medical Alert Systems you get a few different options. Customers can either choose from full fledged emergency systems or wireless devices. Pendants are either purchased for a home or mobile device, and the base unit of systems are activated and prepared for two-way communications. These devices have long-range transmitters and are waterproof. Many customers have also reported a fashionable design.


If you buy a device with Medical Alert Systems, you choose between various pendants. They each come with a base kit, and a waterproof emergency button with a clip for the wrist. The waterproof button can also be worn as a necklace or wristband. All communications go through the monitoring station, which is open 24 hours a day, all week, and it’s Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified. For context, UL is the monitoring service that often protects customers with home security equipment. They are a highly reputable monitoring firm.


One of the features that separates Medical Alert Systems from competitors is the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This allows the base station to connect right to the internet using a phone jack or modem. This adds another step of protection when speaking with emergency personnel, which is the most important feature of a medical alert pendant. Backup batteries last for 32-72 hours, and the device will periodically check to make sure batteries are working properly and charged throughout the day.


As you’ll see with various other alert devices we review, Medical Alert Systems have no long-term contracts and users can cancel their service any time. Customers will have to pay the first three months of service, which acts as the deposit, but once this period ends, customers then move on to month-to-month pricing or pay the full price upfront.

How Does Pricing Work?

Medical Alert System prices are competitive and flexible. They offer a package that fits most needs, landline or no landline, or whether or not you want to go with an advanced protection plan. Users can also add fall detection, which isn’t an option with every alert company.




Are There any Problems with the Service?

Medical alert products aren’t immune to hidden fees, but Medical Alert Systems have a few that will give you pause. Customers have to pay up to $350 if they lose or damage a unit. Customers also pay shipping and handling for returns, which is common for devices paid for month-to-month.


Medical Alert Systems have had issues with fraud since 2013. A company posing as Medical Alert has targeted customers to get information. This is discouraging, but as long as you’re certain you’re chatting with Medical Alert representatives, you can dodge fraud. Another way to avoid this is to purchase devices from a CVS store.


Lastly, though these devices will periodically check on battery for you, devices don’t double check that they’re connected to the monitoring station. This check has to be done by the user. This wouldn’t be a detail worth mentioning, except that many users will be older adults or people with disabilities. Someone may have to remind these users to occasionally check with the monitoring station to ensure everything is working as normal.

Why is Medical Alert Systems Number One on Our List?

This is the trusted brand in the industry. They’re the household name. People are most likely to be familiar with them out of any pendant because they have a good product. And this product has stood the test of time.


Medical Alert Systems provides their customers with flexible, quality devices, and they provide features that not every company has. These features include VOIP for two-way talk, braille characters for users, a button to press and cancel an alarm if one is accidentally sent to the monitoring station, and they provide a free additional button.


No product should ever be purchased without checking out the competition and doing thorough research. But once that’s done, you’ll likely come back to Medical Alert Systems. They’re easy to set up, convenient, and they’re a brand that you can trust, backed by a professional monitoring station that is respected in the home security industry.