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LifeStation is a Long-Standing and Reliable Choice for Medical Alert Pendants

If you’re purchasing a medical alert pendant to protect yourself or a loved one, you need something reliable and convenient. The company you choose should not only get the job done, but save you any unnecessary stress, because their job is to relieve you of stress.


LifeStation is a New Jersey based medical alert company that has been in business since 1977. They service the United States and Canada, and offer devices that span across cellular, GPS, and fall detection products.


LifeStation has claimed their stake in the industry by offering a low-price option, and they do so with some of the familiar services you’ll see with other companies—no contract and no cancellation fees—among many other perks. So, let’s get into it. Is LifeStation the option for you or your loved one?

They’re Traditional, but Effective

Products on the LifeStation catalog are equipped with emergency buttons and traditional alert pendants. Their service offers free equipment, shipping, and activation. They’re available for contract 24/7 and their team of advisors are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CSAA Five Diamond certified. So, you’re in good hands.


Most customers have reported back that they’ve experienced convenient, reliable, and consistent service. Customers can set up their equipment in less than five minutes, then they’re on the go with traditional, cellular, or mobile/GPS service depending on what’s chosen. Devices are also waterproof. This is an important feature when choosing medical alert pendants, because these devices are needed around water, where many accidents take place.


A unique tool that LifeStation offers is its ability to check in with the monitoring station each week to ensure that it’s working properly. You’ll be alerted quickly if the device isn’t working, so there isn’t any anxiety over how it’s performing. The battery is said to last 32 hours, and it has the ability to self-charge to restore power. Faulty batteries will be replaced for free, and help buttons can be placed on either necklace or wristbands.


Now, everything isn’t nirvana with LifeStation. The device does lack in range and two-way communication capabilities. This may not be a deterrent for you, but it’s enough of a problem to raise a red-flag. We’ll get to that shortly.

How Does the Pricing Breakdown?

There’s a few different pricing options with LifeStation, and like we mentioned, it has no contract and no cancellation fees. Users will get slight discounts if they opt for long-term payments, which are paid up front.


There are three different payment options that each have the same features and functionality, just discounted prices based on length. The LifeStation website isn’t completely clear about all its pricing, so give them a call if you have questions. Here’s how it looks:



Customers can also purchase additional devices that have a set price no matter which length you choose.



There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the service, but if you aren’t paying month-to-month, you may run into problems past 30 days. If you do one of the annual payment options, and a love one passes away, you won’t receive a prorated refund on the device. You’ll be stuck paying the amount in full.

Is It Worth It? What Other Problems Are There?

So, back to the issues we mentioned before. The two glaring problems are a lack of range and no two-way communication. The device’s range is only 500 feet, which is rather short compared to most companies. And there is no voice-to-voice communication on the pendant. This is a problem if someone suffers an accident. The only way to reach emergency personnel would be to chat with the base station. LifeStation says that their remedy is to contact your selected emergency responders if they don’t hear from you, but how encouraging is that?


LifeStation doesn’t offer many tools that other companies have. Fall detection isn’t included in their systems, you’ll have to pay an extra $7 a month.


So, What’s the Verdict?

There are enough positives with LifeStation that you should give them a chance without turning away immediately. They are UL certified and have in house monitoring that is active 24/7. They do include perks that seem like a must since other companies have them—the likes of no contracts, no cancellation fees, month-to-month pricing, and more.


The automatic testing done monthly provides comfort and a guarantee that your device is working. And despite the issues with two-way communication, they are said to respond and send emergency dispatch quickly. They have a well trained staff and two customer care representatives answer the phone every time you call—nothing wrong with double duty.


Overall, LifeStation is reliable and convenient, just like customers reported. Don’t go running to their service, but don’t rule them out too early in your search.