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Why Protect America’s Do-It-Yourself Security is the Best Choice for Your Home

Getting started with home security can cause stress. It’s common for people to get it after they’ve already been broken into, so they go into the process filled with emotions and frustrations. (We suggest getting home security as a proactive approach, to prevent getting broken into before it ever happens.) Protect America make security simple. They do this with their do-it-yourself (DIY) model. And they’re the most affordable option in the industry.


DIY means that customers are able to self-install their equipment. A Protect America representative walks you through the process and your system is up in not time. Since all equipment is wireless, moving is hassle free. They offer cellular, broadband, and landline systems. Protect America doesn’t charge activation or equipment fees and they have a lifetime equipment warranty. Here’s why else they are the number one security option on our list.

They’re the Most Affordable System

Like we mentioned, Protect America has the lowest pricing in the entire industry. They start as low as $19.99 for monitored security. They’re a transparent company with the ability to customize equipment to fit your family’s needs. Unlike other security companies who sell strict packaging without customization, Protect America will build equipment offers specific to you. So whether you live in apartment or mansion, they’ve got you covered.


Protect America has over 25 years of experience in the industry. They’ve secured over 500,000 homes. They’re owned by the Rockbridge Family of Companies, the same group that owns Quickens Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Consumers Digest gave them the Best Buy award for home security in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and the were ranked 13 in the Top 100 Home Security Companies by SDM Magazine in 2012.


Their lifetime warranty means that as long as you have Protect America, your equipment will never expire. They also take over and monitor existing alarm systems. If your home has a pre-installed device, Protect America will use a cellular conversion device to upgrade the system to work with Criticom Monitoring Service (CMS), their professional monitoring service.


They’re systems feature the latest in home automation technology. Products integrate with Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave and other home automation integration lets users have options for automated lights, thermostats, doorbell cameras, applications, and more. Everything works through their smartphone application. And monitoring isn’t only limited to security. It extends to garage sensors, fire and smoke protection, carbon monoxide monitors, medical alert pendants, and GPS trackers. These devices may have an extra cost, but it’s unique for a company to be up do date with home automation tools while offering just about every other safety device you will ever need.

How’s Pricing Work?

Customers are locked into their rates for life. The low-priced option of $19.99 is monitored. Each system has a 30-day free trial. Remember that monthly monitoring prices will depend on whether or not you choose landline, broadband, or cellular. Equipment and activation are free, and all packages and contracts are 36 months (three years), which is the industry average. All 50 states are monitored with Protect America.


Here are your options:

Are there any Problems with Protect America?

As you saw looking through the packages, you can get started with Protect America—and high quality service—for $19.99. But to get the full scope of home security, you should choose a plan with cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring doesn’t start until the package for $41.99. The lowest monthly prices are for landline, which doesn’t have video streaming or smartphone app capabilities.


New customers can return their equipment within 30 days if they cancel, but if you try to cancel outside of that, you have to pay the remainder of your contract—all 100% of it. This isn’t too different than most home security—ADT has a cancellation price at a 75% payback, and some companies go as low as 20%—but customers are often frustrated by this. The other common frustration is the 36 month contract, though that’s the industry average.


The majority of customer complaints are about cancellation and contracts. Both issues could be avoided with familiarity with Protect America and the home security industry before signing up, because that information is made clear from the beginning. Other complaints are sprinkled in occasionally, and those are reports of poor customer service and occasional false alarms.


Protect America is self-installed, so it’s possible that some customers will have trouble. Their team of customer support will walk you through the process and aid you if it gets tricky.

Why they’re Number One

Protect America is the number one company on our list for a few reasons. They’re a transparent company that makes it easy to get started—no activation and equipment fees and professional monitoring for $19.99. Packages can be customized to meet your family’s needs. And Protect America’s higher tier options offer all of the advantageous services you’d want in a home automated security system.


They integrate with Alexa and other smart-home devices, have a high-functioning and easy to use smart app, and since they’re wireless and DIY, they’re easy to move from home to home. With a longstanding history in the industry and so much to offer, we recommend Protect America to anyone that’s looking to get started with home security. Most of their customers stay with them for eight years, and that isn’t much of a surprise. They’re the best option for home security.