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Why Moni Home Security Beats out Giants like ADT and Vivint

You might have known them as Monitronics, but last year this home security company rebranded to just be called Moni. They have a long list of accolades. They’ve been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems” by J.D. Power, they’ve protected over one million homes, they have award winning live 24/7 monitoring, and they’re well priced and flexible with free installation.


Moni used to refer to themselves as the “secret sauce” behind over 600 independent and successful alarm companies over the last 20 years. They did this by using an unbranded approach where retailers would sell their services. Moni still employs this retailer business model, but each retailer works under the Moni brand. Everything is now direct to consumer.


They’re based out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have been in business since 1994. Some people know them as one of the security companies that falls under giants like Vivint and ADT, but we think they’re better. They rank number three on our list. This is why.

Everything You Need and more

You get everything you need with Moni. They offer flexible packages with an industry leading alarm response center. Users can add products if they’re needed, and their equipment have a lifetime warranty. Staying around since 1994 proves they have had relative longevity in the home security industry. And they’ve secured homes across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.


Moni systems can be monitored remotely using smartphones, tablets, and computers. Their higher tier packages are Z-Wave compatible, and these home automation features allow users to control just about every device in their home. Users can control everything from locks and lights, to everyday home appliances.


The sales approach is similar to the ADT model. Authorized dealers in your city will give you Moni packages and service. All Moni equipment is made from Honeywell or GE and it comes with a lifetime warranty and free installation.


Customers move for free, too, with the Free Move program. As long as you’ve had the service for at least a year you are eligible. This is another useful way they cut costs, along with free and professional installation.

How Pricing Works

Moni does use a different structure than other companies. The price for their service increases after the first 12 months of use, but this entry level pricing allows you to get started with security.


Here’s how it looks:


Learn more about the specific items each package offers on their website.


The main differences with packages are that the Core service only uses landline monitoring. Otherwise, each package Moni offers is cellular. They do come with different equipment or additional equipment depending on what you pay. You can add tools a la carte. The Comprehensive package has most home automation features if that is the direction you want to go.


Know that while landline will protect your home and it’s monitored, landline services do have problems with tampering and outages, and landline isn’t compatible with home automation features. If any of this is a problem for you, opt for cellular based packages.

Are There any problems?

Moni sits high on our list for a reason, but they’ve got a share of shortcomings.


Their activation fees frustrate customers, and the pricing structure could throw you off. Other companies don’t start charging higher rates after the first year, so it’s important to take a note of this so you’ll remember. You don’t want to unexpectedly get charged with higher security rates. Fees to terminate early are also high, so think about the longtime lifespan of home security before you commit.


Moni packages could also vary in pricing, and so could your experience with a customer service representative. Similar to ADT, since Moni sells through individual retailers, not all retailers will provide the same service or cut the same deals. Inconsistent experiences have been reported, and some people have claimed that Moni reps have given them up to 5 years on a contract. Before you get started with Moni, check in with your local retailer and compare it to what retailers are offering in other cities.

The Takeaway

Home security is a tough industry to make a choice in. There are big name giants with reputation and prestige, DIY companies, and the second tier—like Moni—that are usually just as good or better than the supported top name players.


Moni has a long history of customer satisfaction, they’ve protected over one million homes across the nation, and they’re just as up to date in home automation services as any other brand. If you want the best in monitoring and service combined with the latest in home automation, Moni is the brand for you.