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Flexibility, Competitiveness, and Outstanding Service Sets Link Interactive Apart

They began as Mountain Alarm. And now with over 60 years of experience, Link Interactive has grown into a competitive company in the home security industry. They’ve built their reputation for providing customers with great service—something that’s mentioned just about anywhere you’ll find them on the web—and they do this while offering much of the latest in smart home and home automation technology.


Link Interactive offers 100% wireless equipment with flexible contract and equipment options, with a standard three year warranty on all of their equipment. In a very crowded industry with some big name companies, Link Interactive is a brand that takes care of their customers. If you don’t overlook them, they just might be the option for you. What makes them so special?

Everyone Praises their Customer Service

The first thing that stands out about Link Interactive is the praise that everyone gives them for their customer service. On just about every website with reviews you’ll see positive customer experiences. Customers often mentioned that Link Interactive does not force people to sign up right away and they ask genuine questions to discover what a customer needs.


Being flexible towards customers doesn’t just happen with their service, but the product, too. At a competitive price, Link Interactive is able to make their home security plans customizable and flexible, so customers are able to control how much money they spend. Once a basic package is selected, customers go on to pick what specific equipment they need and pay for each piece individually. This is a refreshing change of pace from the strict packages that most companies stick their customers with.


With all of these competitive prices, Link Interactive stays transparent. You’ll see what you’re paying online and there won’t be any hidden fees or charges. Home security is often an industry that costs homeowners large amounts of money, especially if they’re opting for a brand name player like ADT or Vivint, or if they choose a company that’s far ahead with home automation. With Link Interactive you’re able to get the best of much of the industry at a reasonable price.

How does Pricing Work?

Like we mentioned, Link Interactive has base packages that determine what equipment can be attached, but after these packages everything is a la carte. Customers choose what they want and create the right home security setup for themselves.

Package Costs:


How equipment is priced and where it’s used:


Each Link Interactive package is cellular monitored and has a 30-day risk-free trial. Their systems are also equipped with Crash and Smash technology.

Any Problems with Them?

While the three year product warranty may sound sufficient, it actually doesn’t meet the industry standard. Most companies in home security offer a lifetime equipment warranty. Link Interactive also doesn’t offer landline or broadband options, everything is cellular monitored. It isn’t a bad thing to be exclusively cellular, but if you are looking for another option, you won’t find it here.


For those that want help with installation, there isn’t any with Link Interactive. These products are all do-it-yourself (DIY). Some DIY companies have the option of sending out installers to aid the process, but with Link you are all on your own. Some customers have also reported that their DIY installation was difficult and confusing. This is the major complaint with Link, along with customers who weren’t fully thrilled with Link’s hours of operations for customer service.

Why isn’t Link Interactive at the Top?

Link has a lot going for them. They’re pricing is competitive and transparent. They have a long history in home security, and their packages are extremely flexible. In most categories Link does come out ahead. But what customers will save in overall costs, they will likely spend in large upfront costs.


While fabulous customer support is an appeal in choosing a company to secure your home, it alone doesn’t give Link the nod against competitors. The main downsides are that competitors with better home automation and security offerings also provide longer than three year equipment warranty. Even though the industry standard on contracts is three years and Link lets customers choose shorter contracts, it is very common for customers to stick with a brand for much longer than three years. It seems odd that Link only has three year warranties on products while most companies have lifetime.


All-in-all, Link Interactive is a promising option. They build packages to suit your home, they have everything you need, and they do it with a reasonable, competitive, and transparent price. Don’t go with Link Interactive without seeing what competitors have to offer, but you won’t go wrong if they’re your home security company of choice, especially if you’re someone who really wants to take control of the equipment you get.