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Frontpoint has Good Customer Service but a High Price of Admission

Home security is an interesting industry. There is a trio of big name brands—well known companies that you’re probably familiar with like ADT, Protect America, and Vivint. After these brands there is do-it-yourself (DIY) security, unmonitored camera solutions, and a group of other well respected brands that are just as good or better—especially for your unique needs—than some of the big names in the industry. Frontpoint is one of these brands.


Frontpoint was on Angie’s Editor’s Choice List for the Super Service Award for five years in a row. They’re known for having one of the best reputations in home security, including fabulous customer service. Founded in 2007, they’re a relatively young company, but they’ve done good work in their short decade of life.


If you sign up for Frontpoint you’ll use GE wireless hardware that includes camera and mobile app options. You’ll get a 30-day risk-free trial with a three year (36 month) contract. This is the standard contract length in the home security industry. And their monitoring starts as low as $34.99 a month. But enough of an introduction. What exactly gives Frontpoint the best reputation in the industry?

Wireless, Self-Install, and Reliable Monitoring

All Frontpoint devices are 100% wireless and must be self-installed. Cellular monitoring is viewed through smartphone devices and it’s backed by a monitoring station. Their systems also has smash and crash technology, meaning that if a burglar were to break-in and smash a system in hopes that it would prevent the monitoring station from being alerted, the smash itself will send an alert signal .


Frontpoint is compatible with Z-Wave technology to add more automated devices to your home. Since it’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) system, you avoid installers. Frontpoint salesmen also aren’t known for aggressive tactics. This leads to a thoroughly pleasant customer experience. Frontpoint reps take pride in asking the right questions to determine what every customer needs. Their goal is never a hard sale.


Frontpoint uses rapid response as their call center. This is a company that is based out of New York with a 40,000 square foot facility. They are listed with Underwriters Laboratories and certified by Factory Mutual. Rapid Response monitors for fire alarms, burglary, supervisory and medical signals, and they have GPS monitoring and tracking. They’re call center isn’t just homes either. They monitor military and commercial along with residential. So, you can trust that Rapid Response is doing their best work with all video, voice, and data to ensure that there is never an error with calls to keep you protected.


If there were ever an error with cellular monitoring, Frontpoint devices are equipped with broadband backup to keep you safe. Your security device is controlled via a computer or mobile device application. So like other companies, here you can enable and disable your alarm, turn lights on and off, watch live streams of your video cameras, and control home temperature if you get a smart thermostat.


Their control panel is called Qolsys and it has image sensors. It’s more expensive than a standard panel but it takes photos when it senses movement. These are sent to your phone, and it has night vision. Frontpoint systems will occasionally ping your system to make sure that there is a connection with the central monitoring station and it’s working properly. Users can also add a geo-services feature so their phone knows their location. This works so users can be reminded to arm their security system if they leave their home or geo area, or the thermostat can remind you to save energy.

How’s Pricing?

Like we mentioned, customers work with salespeople to create a plan that fits their unique needs.


Frontpoint has standard packages to get started. They are:

Why Does Frontpoint Fall So Short on Our List?

Frontpoint offers some great things, but they fall shy of the rest of the companies on our list. They’re a younger company in the home security space, so they haven’t had the time to gather the resources and credibility as some of the other options on our list. They also haven’t disclosed their cancellation policy, which is information most customers like to know.

They unfortunately aren’t as tech savvy or privvy to home automation as other options, and they lack these resources while staying expensive with high-priced activation fees that you avoid with other companies. Frontpoint doesn’t have lifetime equipment warranty like most other companies on our list. They only provide three years. And if you’re a customer who’s concerned with DIY and don’t want a professional installer, you’re stuck, because they only have self-installation.


They’re similar to Protect America in the fact that they are DIY and monitored, but Protect America is a longer standing company with more credible backers (Quicken Loans), and they have more features for integration and smart home connectivity.

Should You Give Them a Shot?

Frontpoint ranks so high in customer service that many people have reported that they are worth checking out for that reason alone. It’s possible that a sales team member will able to make a package for you that fits your needs. Customer service is also an area where many companies fall short in the home security industry, so if someone can stand out in that regard, they’ll be separating themselves from many other companies.


Don’t choose Frontpoint out of the gate, but give them a chance and see how the company can work for you. There is a reason they are so highly rated, and this success may draw your attention. But remember, with that great customer service also comes a high price of admission.