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Are Professional Attorneys and FICO Specialists Enough to Choose The Credit Pros?

They don’t get their name without good reason. The Credit Pros staff professional attorneys and FICO specialists to repair customer credit. The company is founded by Jason M. Kaplan, an attorney and credit auditor himself, who specializes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. He’s certified as a Credit Counselor and FICO consultant.


Kaplan says the company was founded because he wanted to help people repair their credit using his knowledge and expertise of law. The Credit Pros have the pedigree and professionals on their staff.


Some accolades include an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and being ranked one of America’s fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine. Prestige aside, will their product repair your credit?

Pay-Per Removal is Their Selling Point

The Credit Pros offer comprehensive services, including credit repair, credit building, credit management, and the ability to erase public records. Their FICO specialists on staff offer more insight into what can and can’t be contested on credit reports, and these specialists stand out against competitors.


The Pricing Structure


The biggest difference between The Credit Pros and competitors is their payment system. Instead of charging customers per month, you pay for every item that is removed from your credit report.


The payments break down like this:


With this payment model, customers basically only pay for results. Once you’re past the upfront fee, all of the charges will depend on how many negative items you have removed from your credit report.


If items that are disputed aren’t removed within 90 days of sign-up, you’re entitled to a money back guarantee. Credit repairs can vary based on individuals, but results should come quick with The Credit Pros.


The Credit Pros can remove anything that is legally allowed on credit. This includes: late payments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, bankruptcy, medical bills, and library fines. Their FICO experts tell you about the removal process, about your rights, help set realistic and reachable goals, provide tools to avoid credit problems in the future, and educate you on credit scores and consumer rights.


If you’re familiar with credit reports, you may know that deleted items can reappear. This happens if an error was made or a creditor implemented an unethical practice. The Credit Pros attack this issue with follow-ups.

No One is Perfect, Not Even Pros


The Credit Pros payment model seems enticing. Why not only pay per item that is contested?


The problem is that this model works best for customers who don’t have many items to contest. If you have a number of items that need to be challenged, the dollars add up quickly. It may add up to be more than what you would have paid for a subscription based service. This also means that there technically isn’t a limit to how much you pay, because there are no caps or limits in place.


Average results for customers aren’t reported, and neither are the names of their FICO experts. Additionally, The Credit Pros lack transparency in revealing the process of deleting negative items. Revealing this process is usually a source of comfort for customers, and it’s something that most other companies disclose.


Despite their rating from the BBB, they have negative reviews on Yelp and they were guilty of unlicensed repair activity in Idaho in 2012 according to the Attorney General. They were forced to pay $1,000 in restitution fees. Since they’ve only been around since 2009, you have to wonder, is their reputation good because they haven’t had enough time for bigger mess ups?

Solid Option if You Want to Pay-Per Removal

We’ve got to cut The Credit Pros some slack and assume that their mishaps are simply a new company finding their footing. They have a solid product.


Having a team of certified FICO experts and a founder that specializes in credit issues can’t be overlooked. The Credit Pros offer a sleek and easy-to-use service. They have a 24/7 customer portal, personalized insight scores, their reports are easy to read, and the site lays everything out simply.


The only blemish is their payment method, something that can either work for or against you. We suggest opting for The Credit Pros only if you have a small number of items to contest. Otherwise, this payment style may come back to haunt you.