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Should You Choose The Credit People For Their Low Cost?

When you’re choosing a credit repair company, you’ve got options. Are you most concerned with pricing structure, speed of service, or reputation? Each company has something to offer, and even the best in the industry might lack in areas where the bottom of the pack thrives.


The Credit People, based out of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, is known as a leader for getting customers qualified for mortgages and auto loans. Similar to other companies, they offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, and they have the highest success rate in obtaining negative item removals.


With 15 years of experience and over 100,000 people served, The Credit People make a strong case for why you should choose them ahead of competitors.

How Does the Product Work?

The Credit People have a unique structure that might entice you. They offer free credit reports, free credit scores, and unlimited disputes. Unlike other companies, they get customers the initial credit report and credit score for them for free. This dodges the initial step that costs money and takes time. If you’re looking to move quickly with your credit repair, already the Credit People is pushing a quicker pace than competitors.


Here’s where you ears may perk up: The Credit People have the cheapest pay in full rate in the industry (considering reputable companies).  


Payment Options


You’ve got a few options with The Credit People. You can opt for a flat rate of six months for $299, or you can choose a month-to-month rate for $69 a month. A seven day trial is also optional for $19, but if you choose the seven day trial you are locked into the monthly rate and have no option of the flat rate.


Family or couples get a discounted rate of $279 per person for six months, or if they choose month-to-month they will discount $49 a person for the first month.


The seven day trial is unique, because for $19, you can gauge how the company performs and if you like their process and approach. Or you can avoid credit repair altogether if you realize that you don’t need the service.


The Credit People give a 60 day or less satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see improvements in this window, you can get a refund.

What Separates the Credit People?

Most credit repair companies don’t necessarily vary in the work they do, rather their features, pricing, additional tools, and the speed of the service. Unlike some companies in the industry, The Credit People do get customers all three credit reports and credit scores from the three major credit bureaus for free.


Customers get access to a 24-hour online portal, and The Credit People have a blog with education tools so customers can learn about credit repair and financial tips to move forward on their own. There aren’t any additional fees or hidden costs. Customers get to be pretty hands off, but the $19 for the seven day trial does stick as a fee.

It Can’t All Be Good, Can It?

So far it seems like The Credit People are pretty good. They get good results. They’re well reviewed. And they’re one of the cheapest options in the industry. Not everything can be that good about them, can it?


The biggest complaints you may have with The Credit People is their pricing structure. Where other companies offer various package options or a pay-per-deletion models, The Credit People offer neither. Customers also don’t get an individual adviser or paralegal for their case. Every time they talk to customer service, they’ll hear from someone else. There isn’t the same personal feel with The Credit People as with other companies.


No 24/7 service either. If you need to talk about credit, you’ve got between 9a.m. and 5p.m. Monday - Friday. You get no weekend or late night requests. So if you’re a last minute person or you’re scrambling to repair your credit, these factors may mean you need to go elsewhere.While they do have a blog, it isn’t filled with as many educational materials as you may see with other companies.

Should I Choose Them?

If you aren’t in a mad scramble to repair your credit, The Credit People are a fantastic option. They allow you to be hands off, and you’ll never have to worry about talking to creditors.


They have negative reviews that raise red flags, but credit repair is a touchy field. Many people are looking for solutions to problems that are impeding their livelihood, and they often go into credit repair not realizing what companies are and aren’t capable of doing.


The Credit People get good results, and they’re the most affordable option in the industry. You won’t have to break the bank to use their service. And if the red flags seen above are a concern to you, just start off with their seven day trial for $19 to see what they’re all about. This is a good option if you aren’t in a hurry for your credit to be repaired.