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Does Pyramid Repair Win With Their Software Approach to Credit?

Pyramid Credit report brings together a team from various parts of the country. Their headquarters is in Delaware, the sales team is based in Texas, customers service is in California, and the legal team is based in New York City. It’s an interesting business model, and slightly relevant because they are a software based companies. Having employees scattered might help the business work.


Pyramid Credit is registered with the Attorney General and they have a licensed legal staff. They’re pricing is rather high at $99 month-to-moth or $198 for couples (with the first month half-off), but they have a unique product that may justify the higher than average pricing.

How Their Approach Works

Unlike most companies who sign you up, investigate your credit, and then go on to repair and provide you with reports or applications, Pyramid Repair sends you a software service.


The tool is called either the Pyramid Starter Kit or the Couples Starter Kit. Customers get this within the mail in two business days once they sign up with the company. This software is installed in a customer’s computer, and then all of their credit repair tools are placed right there in front of them.


Customers get a live personal account manager, access to the three major credit bureau reports, a cloud-based online dashboard, real-time status reports, a score tracker and analysis.


Pyramid Credit provides step-by-step instructions on how to get the credit reports from credit bureaus, and how customers give signup information and register for the service.


Similar to other companies, customers are provided with an account manager who determines the best approach to fix credit scores by targeting errors, challenging them, and getting them removed from credit reports.


They target:


Customers do have to pass a qualifications step to make sure that Pyramid is the right fit for them. And as we mentioned, the kit is either $99 month-to-month or $198 a month for couples (and they get a couples discount that is the first month half off.)


There other services include counseling, credit score updates, identity theft protection, online chat and phone support, online account management with real-time status updates, an online dashboard for access to progress and updates, and the dedicated account manager that they may not get with other companies.

Does this Approach Beat the Competitors?

Pyramid Credit does gain credibility by being registered with the Attorney General and having licensed legal staff. Similar to other companies, they do have a money back guarantee. If you don't see any sort of results within 45 days, you get 100 percent of your money back, and they provide a refund within 90 days if you’re unhappy with the service.


Pyramid Credit has a transparent pricing schedule and online platform. They offer tools that appeal to the modern customer, and their unique software-based approach means that you’ll have everything that you need right there with you.


With Pyramid Credit, you’re getting a young company at a high cost. They’ve only been around since 2010, and they still do charge rather high prices for their services. Their lack of a track record isn’t too promising, because there isn’t enough history or time to tell how good their company is and what kind of results people have gained from using them. It may be best to opt for a company with a better track-record.