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Is Being an Industry Veteran Enough to Choose Lexington Law?

You want a credit repair company that is experienced and reputable. The team has to be proven and reliable in an area as important as your credit report. With Lexington Law Firm, the history is surely behind them.

Lexington Law has been helping clients with credit repair for more than a decade and is one of the oldest and most experienced credit repair services in the industry. They have a proven track-record and high success rate. In 2016, clients saw more than 9 million negative items removed from their reports.

The company has a network of 24 lawyers in 30 states and is one of the few credit repair companies that leverages attorneys in the credit repair process. These lawyers are trained in consumer advocacy, consumer protection law, and current credit reporting issues. Customers gain access to 24/7 support and can obtain a free consultation, credit report, and customized financial plan to see the best results. While all legal cases will vary, Lexington Law reports that 24% of questionable items they attack are removed within the first 4 months.

From a quick glance, this all looks pretty good, right? This is a storied repair company with a solid track record that has helped hundreds of thousands of clients. Lexington is staffed with paralegals and legal assistants that want to make the credit repair process as easy as possible for its clients. Could Lexington Law be anything other than the real deal?

How Does Lexington Law Work?

Lexington Law does a number of things. They work to remove the following unfair, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated items from clients credit reports:

The team at Lexington Law obtains credit reports from the three major bureaus and have an online portal that lets clients track progress in real-time, like the Domino’s Pizza tracker for credit repair.

Clients see the status of each item dispute and when negative items are removed. Lexington Law’s past clients have averaged a removal of 10.2 items per client though this result is not guaranteed as all cases differ.

The Payment Tiers

Three payment options are offered. Each of the options require a $99.95 setup fee. 

1. The Concord Standard

For $89.95 you get their basic level service.

  1. With this option, Lexington Law works to ensure that all three credit bureaus present your credit report in a fair and accurate manner. In addition, Lexington will communicate with your creditors to protect your credit reports and tackle all of the standard removals with credit bureaus and legal interventions targeted towards creditors.
  2. The Concord Premier

For $109.95 you get Lexington’s second tier that gives customers additional benefits, like daily credit monitoring and a monthly credit analysis.

This option also goes farther to include InquiryAssist, Score Analysis, ReportWatch, and TransUnion Alerts.

  1. Premier Plus

At $129.95 you get The Premier Plus option that includes everything that customers get with Concord Premier.

It goes a step further to include cease and desist letters, FICO score tracker, identity protection, and other personal finance tools.

Are There Any Problems with Lexington Law?

Clients will be happy to know that there aren’t many flaws with Lexington Law. Their pricing is similar to most competitors on the market. They’re transparent, and they have lawyers and credible staff. 

The downside is their speed. They have built a reputation for being slower than competitors at improving credit reports. When they challenge items, they use a time-tested and formalized method for how many items they challenge per credit bureau per month.

This slow process isn’t preferred, but Lexington Law does it to make sure that credit bureaus don’t think any frivolous activity has taken place, so the slow pace is in the clients best interest. On the other hand, there are much worse things a company can do than be thorough and slow.

So, Should I Choose Them?

Clients need negative items removed to repair their financial health, and they need it done accurately and quickly.

Poor credit scores and inaccurate credit reports can cause high interest rates, costing thousands of dollars per year in overpaid interest—not to mention the stress and repercussions on many parts of everyday life. Bad credit might even keep you from being accepted for credit altogether.

When you’re choosing a credit repair company, you’ll have many options. Lexington Law Firm is separated by their history in the industry and proven track record. They are actually a law firm, and their history suggests that they know the law and do good work by their clients. Plans are affordable and fall in line with most competitors. If you aren’t in need of going with a quick credit fix, Lexington Law Firm is the option for you.