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CreditRepair.com Brings Smartphone Tech to Credit Repair

If you’re a customer who needs all of the bells and whistles of the modern world, like instant tracking, notifications, alerts, and real-time feedback, you’ll find a home with CreditRepair.com. They are at the forefront of credit tracking, analysis, and mobile tools.


CreditRepair.com is one of the best options for people who want nonstop information and feedback about their credit repair process. Users even get email and texts alerts when significant changes happen. Just about everything is tracked in real-time.

How Does CreditRepair.com Work?

They do three things: check, challenge, and change. Similar to other credit repair companies, they work with you to check your credit report to pinpoint what items should be challenged, they put together a game plan to remove these items while helping you understand how credit works, then they use this process to see how your credit score may change and get you closer to the credit score that truly represents who you are.

Customers stay up to date on updates to their scores using the score tracker and analysis tools, and CreditRepair.com supports members with education to help them strengthen their financial habits. Their website hosts an education section that includes informational videos and articles on credit, as well as money management and investing tips.

Members also receive:

When members sign up they are assigned an individual credit consultant that helps when needed. If for some reason your individual contact isn’t available, customers can call the general customer support line and get the same great help from other members of the team.


Tools that You Get

“The Score Advisor” is where members see their current credit score. Here you’ll monitor progress and use the tips you learned to raise your score.

The “Personal Member Dashboard” is where score information is found. This also hosts credit monitoring and identity theft protection. All tools are available on web, mobile, and smart devices.


Pricing and Sign-Up

Customers sign up online or by phone. The plan starts at $99 per month. There is no binding contract and you can cancel their service at any time. They do charge a one-time fee of $14.99 to pull a member’s credit report when they start. This is lower than most companies and no other costs come up.

CreditRepair.com works with Equifax, TransUnion, Experian, and your original creditors. This is important, because simply removing items from a bureau and not a creditor does not always work. Creditors can report an item and they may return on a credit report. The only sure fire way for removal is to report to both the creditor and the bureau.

Wait, There’s Only One Pricing Option?

The problem you’ll find with CreditRepair.com is that they only offer one price for their service. There are no other pricing options. Most companies have plans and packages to choose from.

With that said, they have one of the highest monthly fees for any service. The high price is because of the tools that let customers track their service instantly. If these additional tools are important to you and they outweigh the cost, then CreditRepair.com is the way to go.

The Takeaway

CreditRepair.com has great numbers to sell themselves, and they provide service in over 35 states. Some of these stats are:


With CreditRepair.com you get an online account with a mobile app that tracks progress 24/7, an online portal, dashboard, score tracker, mobile apps and alerts, and their score tracking and analysis that includes TransUnion credit monitoring at no extra charge.

Their tool is innovative, all-encompassing, and they provide education materials to teach you how to have a better relationship with credit for the rest of your life and understand how credit works so you can prevent bad credit in the future. They care about their members more than just a one-time credit repair and want you to leave with a better understanding of credit

If you’re looking for a company that has a consensus of speed and quality results, accompanied with the technological conveniences of the digital age—and you aren’t opposed to paying a higher price than some other options available—CreditRepair.com is the option for you.