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Is Credit Saint the Answer to Your Credit Repair Prayers?

Credit scores could be an adult equivalent to social media likes, but their number has consequences. A person’s credit score can affect vehicle and home purchases, mortgages, insurance rates, raise bills, and it can even affect whether or not someone is hired at that new company they’ve been eyeing.


Bad credit scores can doom a person in more ways than one. They’ve got to be taken under control. Fortunately for Americans who need a credit boost, various credit adjusting companies are on the market to give them what they need. These companies remove negative items from a credit report and boost FICO scores.


At the top of the repair company list is Credit Saint, a company that’s considered one of the best in the industry. We take a look whether or not Credit Saint lives up to its reputation as a leader in repairing bad credit.

How Does it Work?

Credit Saint has three different programs to cater to varying needs. They work by using a 45-day cycle. Changes to a credit score should be seen at the end of each cycle. After a cycle, updated credit reports will be sent to you with changes made during that period. The next cycle of disputes will start, challenging any remaining items targeted.


Items that are challenged include:


Progress is tracked using reports from all three credit bureaus. Reports are received after each cycle, helping track progress.


What are the three different options?


Users can choose Polish, Remodel, or Clean Slate. Each option is priced with a First Work fee.



Each of these options are reasonable and work well for customers.


Clean Slate is the best of the three, offering a larger list of credit repair targeted services and it's the most aggressive. It gives clients access to escalated information and requests, plus it challenges every time you think something is reported wrong in the first cycle with no limits. This is a plus because a lot of companies state “unlimited disputes”, but only allow around six challenges per cycle.

How Do I Sign Up? Any Other Perks?

Customers can register online or over the phone. Best of all, contracts are month-to-month and you can cancel any time. Cancellations are prorated, so you’ll only pay for the days that you used.


If you sign up, your account page will have a status tracker, keeping you up to date on what’s happening. It includes a Time Line, Progress Report, and Credit Analysis.


Credit Saint advisers offer free consultation, too. They can be accessed through a toll-free number, email, or online chat.


Oh, and if things don’t work well, you get a 90 day money back guarantee. How many companies do that across any industry? The guarantee protects the client in the case where no positive change can be made in their credit report in the first 90 days.

There Has to Be Some Problems, Right?

For the most part, this company lives up to their name—they are a Saint. But even a Saint can sin every now and then, can’t they?


Credit Saint’s First Work fees aren’t ideal. If you choose the Remodel or Polish options you’re paying $99, and their Clean Slate options tacks on additional $96. These fees are applied to cover the beginning stages of credit repair work, like writing challenges and a full report of credit ratings.


And if you live in South Carolina, you’re out of luck, because Credit Saint doesn’t operate there.

Should I Use Credit Saint?

Your credit score is crucial, and if it needs repairing, you need someone you can trust—or at the least someone who offers a refund policy to protect you if they fail.


Credit Saint is clear and open about their services and fees, they have plans to fit most budgets and needs, and they’re much more affordable than most of their competitors.


They’re exact about what customers get, and they show all of these details on their website, like terms of conditions, state laws, policies, and pricing.


All-in-all, Credit Saint earns their spot as one of the top repairing companies. Their 90-day money-back guarantee gives peace of mind that you’ll either get you credit fixed, or not spend any money trying.