About Us

About Informed Reviews


The consumer review industry is voiced by numerous websites that have the voice of the brands or algorithms that determine the lists on their site. These brands' reviews pushed to as many people as possible, in the hopes of making a sale. This process is not authentic and favors the brands these websites serve, versus advocating for the consumer. We prefer to play a different game.


We joined forces with the voices of the people in 2017 with a pure focus on a real people driven platform - driven by the authentic voices of the industry, you. At Informed Reviews, we are determined to provide the actual representation of the products and services listed on our website. Our users give an honest, unbiased opinion. After all, we are the trusted source for unbiased reviews.


Our Promise To Consumers


We solemnly swear to provide our users with integrity filled, unbiased reviews that depict the trueness of a product or service. Yes, we’re here to make money, but anytime there’s a review listed on our site, we’re confident in letting you know if it’s a sponsored review. We are the voice of the consumer, but we’re also here to connect you with the best products and services.


How We Score Companies


Everything these days is automated and ranked according to some algorithm, some singular person in a dark office created that ultimately doesn't serve you, the customer. Informed Reviews is unique in how we rate and rank each brand that partners with us. Our editors research every aspect of a brand according to price, customer service, industry experience, quality of service, and business practices. We believe if a company is keeping their employees happy those employees, in turn, will provide outstanding products and services to the customer.


The more informed you are as a consumer, the easier it is to pick the company that’s right for you.


Why Choose Informed Reviews


With so many choices out in the world, we expect you to be one who researches what the best options are. Keeping this in mind, we want you to know we’re here to provide you with the highest level of quality when it comes to an understanding and evaluating a product or service. By choosing informed reviews, you’re selecting the most authentic review platform in the world.